With Publicists Like These. . .

I’ve read a lot of book PR, but this release for an upcoming novel  actually made me feel a bit sorry for the folks who had to write it:

Set in contemporary London, The Seven Days of Peter Crumb  is a Jekyll & Hyde for our time—a dark, psychological account of a week in the hell inhabited by one savage soul. It is a debut novel that disgusts and dazzles in equal measure; a novel that requires a strong stomach, and an even stronger moral compass.

Intelligent, wry, and seriously twisted, Peter Crumb . . . is determined to leave his mark upon humanity—randomly, unjustly, with infinite attention to detail. Allowing the morning’s newspaper headlines to loosely dictate his actions, Crumb sets out on a killing frenzy, the macabre details of which he imparts through his morbid diary.

Peter Crumb’s savagery will have readers turning the pages, even as they try to look away, and will create an indelible, unavoidable memory in their minds. Gritty, dazzling, and profoundly disturbing, The Seven Days of Peter Crumb  is an extraordinary literary debut that portrays the deterioration of a severely splintered soul.

Hmm. Maybe turn a page and look away. . .Or do you look away while turning the page, or . . . Perhaps just read with one eye? Could be tricky.


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