Peter Singer Goes on the Reading List

The Holy Land verdict and analysis has taken up several days of blogging, but now it’s time to get back to some other subjects. Yes, I’ve got outstanding IOUs on the Life List and thoughts sparked by the New York trip. To come soon, I promise.

Meanwhile, speaking of old business and open loops, I got a helpful note from fellow blogger Eric Wormann re my attempts to phase out eating meat:

Read the book The Way We Eat by Peter Singer. It changed the way I look at food completely. The author takes the grocery lists of three families (one “traditional” American diet from WalMart to fast food, one healthier family that buys mainly organic and health food, and one completely vegan family) and traces the foods back to where they came from. It’s really great because they hit every phase of food production from the farms where the food is grown to processing plants and slaughterhouses to packaging plants to the supermarket.

I’ve meant to read some Peter Singer for ages; from what I know, he’s one of the more interesting, if sometimes disturbing, nonfiction writers working today. Thanks for the tip.


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