Gore Run Again? Not Bloody Likely

Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize has brought new squeals of anticipation that he might run for president again (“He already won once,” joked several people.)

But as if his repeated denials weren’t enough, here’s a telling Gore quote to an interviewer who was looking for any glimmer of possibility that the Gore hat might enter the ring:  

“What politics has become,” Gore said with a laugh and a tinge of regret, “requires a level of tolerance for triviality and artifice and nonsense that I have found in short supply.”

Sounds pretty definitive to me. And, given Gore’s worldwide profile, the Nobel, the Academy Awards his movie fetched, his big-money/soft-duty business deals and more, well. . . Gosh, of course he wants to drop it all to  chase Hillary through the frozen cow yards of Iowa this January.

Reminds me of an interview I did years ago with William F. Buckley, Jr. At the time Buckley had a weekly TV show, a weekly magazine (National Review),  and a thrice-weekly nationally syndicated newspaper column, which made him a King of the Media World back then. He had run for mayor of New York back in the Sixties, more to make points than to win, and at the time of the interview, some New York State Repubs were buzzing about trying to get him to run for the U. S. Senate.

When I asked Buckley if he’d drop all his media outlets to become a Senator, he looked at me with a puzzled half-smile and said: “There are 100 members of the U. S. Senate. How many people can name even three of them? Why would I exchange more influence for less?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nobel Laureate Al Gore is asking himself the very same question.


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