Does Mullah Cimoc Work for The Onion?

Remember the other day’s post about the bizarre message from “Mullah Cimoc,” who believed that Janeane Garofalo’s tattoos were a sign of America’s impending collapse?  I wondered at the time if this could be a hoax because of the almost-too-perfect Borat-style diction.

I’m still not sure, but alert reader Saeed points out that Cimoc is “comic” spelled backwards, which it sure is. So who is this mysterious “Mullah”? I’ve seen other similar posts on other blogs purporting to be from him. If he’s a hoaxster, you gotta give him credit for energy: He goes to great lengths to  masquerade as an America-hating Islamist, even digging up Bill Maher videos and sending them as a pretext for his anti-U.S., anti-feminist ranting.

Who knows? Maybe he’s one of the terrorists The Onion dug up recently, the ones who came here to destroy us but got hooked on Lost, gas grills, 52-inch HDTVs and other perks of the Great Satan.  


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