Yankees Fall: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

It’s adios for another year to my irrationally beloved Yankees, who are too good to miss the playoffs but too old and rickety (and psychologically spooked?) to win them. At times like this I wish I could quit this bunch, but I guess it’s like a marriage: There’ s a lot more good than bad, but everyone has some rough spots now and again.

Now the classy Joe Torre will be fired because the players once again failed him. That’s the opposite of what happens in most of the business world, where the top managers and CEOs of struggling companies get their bonuses while the working stiffs get fired. But I guess you can’t fire a shortstop making $22 million just because he goes 1-for-28 in October.

 Anyway, in any sports season there are far more losers than winners. What we have to do at such moments is remember all the great wins, all the thrilling plays, all the moments of style and power and grace. Savor it all while it’s happening.  No dynasty lasts forever, as Dallas Cowboys fans learned after Aikman, Smith and Irvin said goodbye. And remember those great Celtics teams of the 80s? It was Larry….Bird, right?

 As Pete Rose used to say, sic transit gloria mundi. To which Yogi Berra would reply, “You’re kiddin’. I didn’t even know she was feelin’ bad.”


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