State Fair’s On, Yanks Win! Blissful Blogger Rejoices

We deal with many serious subjects on this blog–war, racism, terrorism, angry mullahs (see below),  the Celebrity Invasion and more. But once in a while we must remember that beyond all the arguing and character assassination, government waste and squandered opportunities,  two things are forever: The Texas State Fair and the New York Yankees.

 The Fair’s in session. I’m going today, and not even taking five teenage girls along  (to see the Jonas Brothers)  can dampen my fun. Among many other delights, the Baseball Hall of Fame has sent a ton of great memorabilia for an exhibit.

On top of all this,  the Yankees won big last night, perhaps signaling a resurrection and one more trip to the Big Show for the pinstripers. Or perhaps not: Cleveland is  young, hungry,  and they’re the  clutch-hittingest bunch in baseball. But for now at least, all’s right with the world. Back to seriousity tomorrow.


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