Hispanic Feedback on “The War”

 Re my post on the No-Hispanics controversy around Ken Burns’ great PBS series, “The War”:

 Having seen much of the series so far, I’ve been surprised at how much time has been devoted to the troubling  internment of Japanese-Americans and the racial problems that boiled over in Mobile, Alabama, one of the four towns Burns used as his windows on the war experience. “The War”  certainly hasn’t been a Norman Rockwell postcard painted red, white, and blue; again and again, narrators and participants have pointed out grievous mistakes and fog-of-war disasters that wasted the lives of many Americans and Allied troops.

Still, no four cities Burns could have picked would have represented the entire spectrum of Americans who fought the war–most of whom, due to historical reality, were white. Despite that, some Hispanics remain resentful that their contribution was slighted. Here’s a response I received today from a man identifying himself as “a Hispanic veteran.”

 This is the same story of always.   The nation is presented with the white man as the super hero.   Why?  I don’t know.  What are they afraid of?   I can’t support the idea of my tax dollars  being spent on a PBS documentary that did not represent my race.  BTW, my family, on both sides, have been represented (including now)  in the military since WWII .  You better believe it that Hispanics should have been represented in the so call documentary, we earned it.


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