Little Rock 9: Great Role Models for All

If you have about 15 minutes, watch this great PBS discussion with seven of the famous Little Rock 9 who integrated the schools 50 years ago.

The transcript is there, and it’s good, but  seeing and hearing these folks will make you admire them even more. Intelligent, self-possessed, dignified. . . these are the people we should be looking up to whether we’re  black, white, or brown.  

The only thing missing from the interview, for me, was this: I wish she had asked them what they think of so many of the reigning black stereotypes today–the thug rapper, the pimp hustler, the semi-literate athlete, the  kids who won’t read or use proper English lest they be accused of “acting white.” 

 I plan to show this to my daughter (we’re white) so she will see that the sleaze-rappers on the radio do not represent all blacks any more than the backward cretins who support David Duke represent all whites.

 The Little Rock 9 realized that intelligence and learning are the keys to freedom, and they all created exciting, rewarding lives for themselves. I can’t recommend this interview highly enough, so check it out here. (You may need to enable a video player, but that just takes a moment.)


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