Moral Support on Vegetarianism

Regarding my so-far unsuccessful attempt to go vegetarian–I’m still about 50% carnivore, I guess– I did a KERA/NPR radio commentary on the subject recently. (Read or listen here if you like.) That brought a nice message from Tonia Ollerton, a listener in Uvalde, Texas. Here’s some of what she wrote:

 Tip:  start thinking of it as eating  “animals”  and not

 It is hard to convert to vegetarianism without the
support and recipes (!) of other vegetarians.  I find that support on  The recipe Q&A Forum hosts discussions on a wide range of vegetarian-related issues and issues just related to living.There are also tons of good recipes there and not just for tofu! 

 I live in Uvalde and there aren’t many other vegetarians here.  The support I get from vegweb is vital to maintaining the lifestyle.  I’m vegetarian to help prevent diabetes and heart disease,   which my family is very prone to.  So far it’s working for me! 

 I promise you after a while you will lose the cravings for meat.  Also, go to PETA’s sites on factory farming.  Those videos will turn your stomach.  But good vegetarian food is the best cure for a meat craving.  Once you start
exploring the recipes, you’ll discover so much that’s so very good to eat.

 Thanks for the encouragement, Tonia. I’ll see what’s out there beyond barbecued tofu!


One thought on “Moral Support on Vegetarianism

  1. Read the book The Way We Eat by Peter Singer. It changed the way I look at food completely. The author takes the grocery lists of three families (one “traditional” American diet from WalMart to fast food, one healthier family that buys mainly organic and health food, and one completely vegan family) and traces the foods back to where they came from. It’s really great because they hit every phase of food production from the farms where the food is grown to processing plants and slaughterhouses to packaging plants to the supermarket.

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