Top Dems Still Won’t Criticize “Betray Us” Ad

WordPress is about to shut down for a few hours of maintenance, but I wanted to post this about the ongoing “Betray Us” ad. As I noted in the About This Blog section, I deplore this kind of scorched-earth rhetoric no matter who employs it.

Lobbyist power in  Washington is a shameful open secret, but it’s rare we see such a naked example of a lobbying group seizing politicians by the short hairs.

 All but 25 members of the Senate voted to condemn the unfair and incendiary “Betray Us” ad. Alas,  among those out on the fringe are  Dem A-Team candidates Hillary Clinton, who voted against the resolution, and Barack Obama, who voted on another measure a few minutes earlier, then vanished, presumably to meditate on the audacity of hope.

Here’s what these candidates could not support.

The resolution expressed  “the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus, commanding general, Multi-National Force-Iraq, deserves the full support of the Senate and strongly condemn(s) personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces.”

 In other words, you could be 1,000 % against the war, believe Bush is a complete idiot,  and  favor bringing all the troops home this weekend, but you could still be against accusing Gen. Petraeus of betraying the country. Those are strong words and should be reserved for people who deserve them.

More on this and other matters after the WordPress mechanics do their thing.


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