Ron Paul: Let Bounty Hunters Get Osama

 I must admit that before this campaign season kicked off, I barely knew fellow Texan Ron Paul from RuPaul.  (see below)

I still don’t get his obsession with the gold standard, and his statement that a “military dictatorship” rules America borders on lunacy–from the other side of the border. He reminds me of another tough-talkin’ Texan, Ross Perot: A guy with a strong will, an intense focus, and the kind of temperament that wouldn’t last a month in the Oval Office if God dropped everything else and put him in there tomorrow.

But I do like one part of the Paulist Platform. The Congressman wants to revive the Letters of Marque and Reprisal used in the 18th and early 19th Centuries to combat piracy. Essentially, he would authorize international bounty-hunting. Now here’s a good idea.

Paul would put up a $1 billion dollar bounty for Osama Bin Laden and let the global marketplace take it from there, which, he says would be both more effective and a helluva lot cheaper than the wars we’re fighting now.  

Would this tactic  bring him the head of Bin Laden?  I don’t know, but if a billion dollars won’t tempt UBL’s cronies to betray him, they deserve those 41 sturgeons virgins supposedly waiting in Paradise.

 Ron Paul is definitely not . . .



One thought on “Ron Paul: Let Bounty Hunters Get Osama

  1. Damn right. We could’ve financed a $10 billion bounty on Osama and could still have saved $490 billion, and 4,000 lives (plus about 100,000 collateral).

    As for Ron Paul’s temperament, while he sometimes comes off as paranoid, the only time he came off as angry was the fifth debate. If you had all of FOX news against you, wouldn’t you be angry too?

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