“The Door” on Ken Copeland’s Obscene Wealth

One more thought about  Mother Teresa. (See following post.)  I subscribe to a witty, ingenious “religious satire” magazine called The Door, published here in Dallas. Part of their mission is to watchdog televangelists who amass staggering fortunes thanks in part to donations sent by desperate people.

This month, The Door has an amazing “cartoon investigation” of televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s empire–including 21 vehicles, a $100,000 Mercedes, a $20 million airplane and so much more. It’s written by Joe Bob Briggs, who’s always worth reading.

 Their site is www.wittenburgdoor.com. The Copeland piece isn’t online yet, but I’ll post a link when it goes up.

In the  piece on Gandhi I linked to yesterday, George Orwell concludes by saying that while he could not agree with Gandhi’s metaphysics, he admired him in other ways and believed that his life  left “a clean smell,” unlike the lives of so many political and religious figures.  You look at Copeland’s fortune, ask how much good he’s done his flock, and you definitely smell something unpleasant in the air.


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