“Anchorwoman” Flop Proves We’re Not All Brain-Dead

Does this woman look like a journalist to you?

It’s been said that you could never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public, and much of the time that’s right. But once in a while the TV and movie geniuses cook up something so squalid, so vapid, so dumb that people would rather clean oil spots off the garage floor than watch it.

That was the case earlier this year with a couple of gorefest movies that, thankfully, drowned in flop sweat. And now it’s the case with Fox’s unreality series “Anchorwoman,” in which a low-rated East Texas TV station brought in a former bikini model to read the news and pump the ratings. The first episode’s ratings were so bleak that Fox put it out of its misery. Maybe there’s hope for the Republic yet.


One thought on ““Anchorwoman” Flop Proves We’re Not All Brain-Dead

  1. The big problem with the concept of show is that the idea is not new or shocking. The concept is actually in mainstream use.

    For the last decade or so, TV newscasts in the USA have been rushing to employ barbie doll women for use as talking heads. They are everywhere: Pretty faces that read from a teleprompter. As far as novelty or shock value goes, this “Anchorwoman” series was about 15 to 20 years too late.

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