Dallas-Haters Say”Dalitude” Dooms Big D

Talking about the Zogby poll I participated in recently, I mentioned their question about our sense of identity. They asked: “Do you consider yourself a citizen of your town or city, your country, or the Earth?”

I still want to spend some time on that question, but a quick take  before I deal with a 30-foot section of a giant pecan tree that crashed  into my back yard last night: I’ve always felt pretty good about living in Dallas, but now–ouch!–I find there’s a sarcastic new term for my fair city: Dalitude, apparently describing what many think of as  an irritating, smug, materialistic attitude possessed by many a Big D denizen.

You can Google up  Dalitudinous remarks, but here’s how one Web Webster put it:

 This is a city where people smile as they “ever so kindly” pull the knife out of your back. “Dalitude” is the local phrase for it.

Now that’s acerbic. But at least he didn’t mention JFK or J.R. Ewing.


One thought on “Dallas-Haters Say”Dalitude” Dooms Big D

  1. Y’know, in some ways I agree with that guy. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND…once you get into a real neighborhood, Dallas can be extremely wonderful. It depends on how open you want to be and really On Your Own Attitude. I myself can be shallow and hyper-defensive, but once I get comfortable this is a really decent place.

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