Padilla Goes Down

Well, just as I was about to write a post expressing some doubt as to whether the government will prevail in the Holy Land Foundation trial here in Dallas, this news broke: Jose Padilla and his co-conspirators were found guilty of supporting Islamic terrorism.   

That’s good news. There are many ways of fighting terrorism besides launching poorly planned wars in countries torn by ancient hatreds. We’ve got to get better at the legal, economic, and educational means of punishing terrorists and those who support them.

In the Holy Land Foundation case, which is the largest terrorism financing case so far,  several local men are charged with sending at least $12 million in aid to bogus relief outfits controlled by the terrorist group Hamas.  

The law forbids any aid to terrorist groups, even if the money was only used for food, medicine, office supplies, etc. After all, money is fungible; if terrorists are given $100 in office supplies, that’s an extra $100 they can spend on bombs and bullets.

Still, prosecutors may have a tougher go of it with the Holy Land case.  Already, the judge in the case threw out some documents introduced along with the testimony of an Israeli spy earlier this week. It’s going to be a long, complex proceeding. I’ll check in on it from time to time.


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