Still Not Black Enough?

A couple of weeks ago I wondered why the “black enough?” question continues to follow Sen. Barack Obama. It was still swirling around as he addressed black journalists in Las Vegas yesterday.

I’m still waiting for a thoughtful African-American commentator to wrestle this one to the ground, but in the meantime, this paleskin continues to think it’s a matter more of class than of race. And, despite the headline in this article (“Obama Tackles Issue“),  he really hasn’t.

To do so, he would have to say something like, “Folks, you’re doubting my ‘blackness’ because you continue to condescend to blacks by defining their essential experience as one of discrimination and downtroddenness, as if the entire U. S. in 2007 is Birmingham, Alabama in 1957.”

“It isn’t. And you black journalists, who attended good colleges and live  privileged lives,  know this, or should know it, better than anyone except perhaps wealthy black businessmen like Robert Johnson (founder of BET) and Richard Parsons (CEO of Time Warner). We don’t have redneck sheriffs with their boots on our necks anymore. The dogs and the firehoses are long gone. Let’s move on.”

That would move the conversation about race forward in this country much better than Obama’s lame attempt to get down with the homies by joking about “CP” Time  (Colored People’s Time).

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