Say It Ain’t So, Barry

What’s that they say about wisdom from  the mouths of babes?

This morning National Public Radio interviewed several kids to get their thoughts on Barry “The Asterisk” Bonds, whose assault on The Sacred Record was staved off last night by heroic rookie pitcher  John Lannan. 

One ten-year old boy put it this way:

“It’s like Aaron painted a masterpiece, and Bonds is kind of painting over it.”

How eloquent, and how sad.  But don’t worry, kid. If all goes well, around the time you’re a junior in high school, the A-Rod in Waiting will have taken the Grail away from this ogre. Meanwhile, you can train to replace Bob Costas.


One thought on “Say It Ain’t So, Barry

  1. Nice piece about Bonds. Hard to get excited about commemorating such a dishonest moment, isn’t it? Some time over the next couple of days the prick will hit 756, the game will be stopped for a quesey kind of ceremony, and the news channels will break away to show it–and everybody will be trying to decide whether to stand up or throw up.
    Me? I’m going to yawn and hold up four fingers on each hand–44–Hank Aaron’s number.
    Then I’m going to switch channels to something a bit more plausible, like “MacGyver”
    Keep it up. Call the Hall of Fame and ask which cap will appear on Bond’s head in Cooperstown: the size 7, the 8 or the size 9?

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