A-Rod, The Great Clean Hope

All hail the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez,  who smacked his 500th home run yesterday.

With the King of the ‘Roids about to lay illicit claim to the all-time home run mark, it’s time to forgive A-Rod all his money, ego, and general oddness.  As the  youngest player ever to reach the 500 mark,  he  immediately becomes the Great Clean Hope of all who want to see the Steroid Era buried. During the next few years, A-Rod will be like a king in exile, waiting to reclaim his rightful throne.

Stripped of his magic juice, Battered Bonds can’t tack up too many more homers after breaking the record, even if he moves to a  Designated Hitter rocking chair in the American League. So figure he finishes at 780 max.  That means A-Rod needs 280 from today. He’s hit fewer than 30 only once, and 40 or more seven times.  Barring major injury (hope God is a fan), it shouldn’t take him more than six seasons to bring closure, and erasure, to the Bonds Era.

Following the game yesterday, Rodriguez said this about the milestone:

“A day like today kind of brings it full circle. Maybe there’s a happy ending for me somewhere.”

And for the rest of us, too. I’m ordering my “Pray for A-Rod” bumper sticker today.

One thought on “A-Rod, The Great Clean Hope

  1. ARod has 500. 780 is a piece of cake over the next six seasons, you write. Where’d you get your math lessons…from the Balco people?
    40 per year (a bit of a stretch) leaves your boy a bit short.

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