YouTube No-Shows Will Lose the Snowman Vote

Hard to see why GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani are ducking  the Republican version of the CNN/YouTube debate slated for Sept. 17 in vote-rich Florida.

I expressed early qualms about last month’s YouTube Dems affair, but the editors kept most of the crazies out and the evening provided some enlightening moments.

Rudy and Romney come off as stiff and out of it, with responses that seem about 20 years dated. Maybe Romney has been reading Neil Postman’s 80s classic, Amusing Ourselves to Death. The book was wise and right: It’s a big mistake to think that everything of substance in a democracy can be amalgamated with entertainment.  But, alas, Postman lost that argument.

Key quote from Romney:

Referring to the video of a snowman asking the Democratic candidates about global warming, Romney quipped, “I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman.”

Well, that’s what I thought when Bill Clinton foolishly answered that question about what type of underwear he wore. But that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone.

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