Steroid Saga, Part 2

A follow-up to my recent post about Barry* Bonds* and his assault–a fitting  word–on Honest Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record.  Heard an interesting chat this morning with three sports experts–Washington Post, WS Journal, etc.–about the problem.

One scribe contrasted baseball’s problem with that of cycling, and mentioned something I hadn’t known: Apparently, the rules about doping in cycling are so strict that the riders are subject to drug testing any hour of any day, all year long, even if they’re not in competition at the time!

Another writer mentioned that on the very morning that Lance Armstrong’s wife was about to deliver twins, when they were just about to leave for the hospital, there was a knock on the door. Two drug testers were there, demanding that Armstrong fill the cup.

I think this tells us right up front that whatever baseball’s solution may be, it’s not going to be the cycling model. There is no way that any organization could monitor several hundred baseball players scattered all over the U. S. and the world 24/7/365. Not gonna happen. (And imagine what would happen if some bespectacled lab guy showed up at the prickly Bonds’ crib at 2 AM on a Saturday, demanding some liquid. Not a pretty thought.)

Next solution?

*asterisks denote that Bonds took so many steroids that even his head got bigger, literally, after the age of 40.


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