Marine Blogger: “We Are Freaking Winning Out Here”

Anyone interested in the Iraq war can do something that very few people could do in previous wars: hear directly from soldiers at the front lines, via the many military blogs from Iraq. I check a few of these blogs from time to time, and I almost always find that they are more optimistic about the situation than the everyday media.

That doesn’t mean that every military blogger is right about everything. Maybe they only have the small picture, the blocks and neighborhoods they’re patrolling, and lack the bigger one.  Still, their point of view deserves attention. Here’s a recent post from a blogger at the Fighting 6th Marines’ blog in Fallujah,

The change over the past year has been amazing. Hell, even the change since we got here in January has been noticeable. The sheiks and the tribes they lead have thrown in their lot with us despite a constant murder and intimidation campaign by Al Qaeda. Our approach to counterinsurgency is working and is an illustration that given enough time, ordinary men and women — the Iraqis we work with every day — will say “Enough violence is enough.” They’re tired of their children dying, and of fearing for their lives just because they had the nerve to try to keep their neighborhoods safe.

I could go on for pages. I think if you talk to the vast majority of Marines out here you’ll see that the optimism we’re pushing out is legitimate. . . .  the recurring story here is that the Anbar people have thrown up their hands and seen that we are the good guys.

The bottom line is that we are freaking winning out here. And the really astonishing thing is that Coalition Forces aren’t the main effort — we’re simply an enabling factor.


One thought on “Marine Blogger: “We Are Freaking Winning Out Here”

  1. You’re main enemy is not Al Qaeda in Iraq, it’s the Liberal Media at home, namely CNN and USA Today and Newsweek/Time. You need to defeat the Liberal Media, crush them in fact.

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