More Memorial Day Thoughts

I had so many thoughts swirling around about Memorial Day yesterday. The Dallas Morning News seems to excel at Memorial Day editorials; they usually produce a keeper, and this year’s is no exception. Check it out here. (Sorry about all the distracting, bobbing and dancing ads, by the way; that’s the way it goes on the vast blogostubenet.)

Also, if you’ve got about five minutes, listen to “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” which reminds us that even when a war is “right,” it brings untold suffering to many of its¬†survivors; in the spirit of the News editorial, that’s one more reason why we must always be sure that the horrible cost of war merits that inevitable suffering.

Here’s a link to Eric Bogle’s version of the song, complete with a slide show of WW I photos. I originally linked to the Clancy Brothers’ version, which is more affecting, I think, but YouTube purifiers took it down. Listen and watch here.


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