Twittering Twits and Why They Do It

If websites still seem a bit new to you, and blogging seems like a cutting-edge activity, get a glimpse of the onrushing future at social networking sites like this one . Essentially, Twitter allows people to post, by cellphone or other device,  almost constant real-time updates about what they’re doing.

And now your question: “But…but…why would a friend, much less a  total stranger in Toledo, care about my trip to pick up my dry cleaning?”

Any ideas? I’ve got a couple.  Right now, however, I’ve got to go pick up a quart of oil for the lawn mower–but you don’t have to go with me. And I promise not to update you when I get to the checkout line.


One thought on “Twittering Twits and Why They Do It

  1. What will they think of next?? Man, we have too much time on our hands, don’t we? I have always maintained that the human race needs more important things to do than killing each other, being in one another’s business, and worrying about a broken fingernail, belly button fuzz, toe jam, etc… In my solution to this problem, there would be an enemy that existed outside of this world. An enemy with weapons that we would really have to worry about. With that, there would be a focus outside of ourselves, and there would be no time for “Twittering” (sorry), broken fingernails and the like. Our wars with one another would cease to exist if we had a common enemy outside of this world. In my utopia we would all ban together for the good of common Earth! But, I guess until then we will keep fighting those meaningless wars, worrying about those fingernails, and Twittering our lives away. Because, all we have is the time to “Twitter” right?

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